Incoming Freshman Showcase Night

Tonight is one of the great events at Arts and Technology High School.  Marysville School District high schools are a series of small learning communities that specialize in different pathways.  Tonight, at our school, next year’s incoming freshman will get to see all of the clubs, classes and groups our school offers.  Each class and club puts up a booth showcasing their work.  It acts as a great way for incoming freshman to feel welcome and get a feel for the school.  It has also served the upperclassmen feel a sense of accomplishment seeing these students excited about their work.  It is one of the best community building activities at our school.  Here are some pictures from walking around.


My 1st year with Social Media in the Classroom

I will start with this statement.  Our class uses and has improved due directly to social media use.  Both as a consumer of other classes and professionals content and as creators of content, the relationships with other classes and professionals have an immediate and direct impact in our class. There have been some very positive results with students that I never would have dreamed up until they happened in my class.

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Graduate Profile: Dylan

This is a weird one.  A student stopped by that was a former student, but he graduated from our school prior to my time as the shop teacher.  I decided I wanted to interview him anyways.  He is still part of the Arts and Tech family.  This will be sharing info about the program from years ago.  Thanks for stopping by Dylan.

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CNC Star Wars carving the Millennium Falcon

This entire project was designed to test our ability to accurately machine 2 sides of a part.  Accurately aligning the second side to match up to the first side boggled my mind and I tended to steer students away from this.  We settled on the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars.  It has good detail on 2 sides, but we wouldn’t be able to get the detail on the edge of it.  Since most of  the detail is on the top and bottom, this seemed acceptable.  We had to make a new CNC table that easily and accurately aligns to the actual bed of the machine and has a home that can be aligned to without thought.  Here is a link to the details of the table we made.

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Student Profile: Braden


Our next student profile takes us to Braden.  He is a do-it-all kind of student.  He has done CNC, Carbon Fiber, woodworking, machining and welding.  He is actually on a half day schedule his senior year in order to work at his local manufacturing job.  His kind spirit and hard work has made him a pleasure to have for the last 4 years.  I wish him the best of luck in his future and I know he will do very well.

  • What made you want to join this class?

I have always liked manufacturing and working with my hands.  I like accomplishing things and seeing what I have made.

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Student Profile: Joey

We are starting a series on graduating seniors that have spent a great deal of time in the shop.  Some of these students have spent what equals 7-9 class periods in this class and have done amazing things and grown tremendously.  These students exemplify the ideals of this program and I get sad every year that I lose these students.

  • What made you want to join this class?

A guy came around to the middle schools when we were choosing schools and I heard about the shop class.

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New CNC Routing Table

We have always loved our CNC vacuum table that came with our Multicam machine.  We have t-slots on 2 of our other machines and dread every part of holding down parts.  That was until we created our own t-slot hold downs (info available on our website here).  Since the use of these holdowns, we have not only accepted t-slots as a viable option, but have found that they offer advantages in certain situations.  The problem I have with most hold downs is the fact that they cover up some of the cutting surface.  Ours do not.

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