Using our Cold Cut Chop Saw

I hope this helps serve as a reminder on how to operate the cold cut saw.  Again, I recommend using the cold cut for cuts that are angled in any way.  I recommend using the horizontal saw for all 90 degree cuts.

The saw: Jet Cold Cut CS-315

A link to the manual for saw

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Great Manual Machining Resources

This YouTube channel is my go to place for any manual machining help.  He goes by the name Tubalcain.  He has great lathe and milling skills.


I also like open source machine tools.  He finds older training videos and makes some fairly modern instruction videos about manual machining.

Open Source Machine Tools

Our machinery is a Bridgeport Mill, small Grizzly mill and a Graziano lathe.

If you know of some other great youtube or website instructional places, let me know so I can share them.