My 1st year with Social Media in the Classroom

I will start with this statement.  Our class uses and has improved due directly to social media use.  Both as a consumer of other classes and professionals content and as creators of content, the relationships with other classes and professionals have an immediate and direct impact in our class. There have been some very positive results with students that I never would have dreamed up until they happened in my class.

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Defining our class. Thoughts on STEM, Makerspaces and shop class.

I have spent a great deal of time pondering the definition of my class.  I frequently am asked about what I teach and quickly look for a way to explain to someone without having to give too much background knowledge.  By class name definition it is a manufacturing and engineering course.  It is still the best term to use, but it leaves much to be desired by interested groups that don’t have manufacturing experience.

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