Incoming Freshman Showcase Night

Tonight is one of the great events at Arts and Technology High School.  Marysville School District high schools are a series of small learning communities that specialize in different pathways.  Tonight, at our school, next year’s incoming freshman will get to see all of the clubs, classes and groups our school offers.  Each class and club puts up a booth showcasing their work.  It acts as a great way for incoming freshman to feel welcome and get a feel for the school.  It has also served the upperclassmen feel a sense of accomplishment seeing these students excited about their work.  It is one of the best community building activities at our school.  Here are some pictures from walking around.

Shop Club

Shop club will start this Wednesday.  We voted to have this happen every other Wednesday from 2:40-6:40.  Have a look at the school calendar to find specific dates.

Things you can do during club time:

  • Learn a new tool that hasn’t been covered in class yet
  • Get caught up on licenses for tools we have covered, but you may have missed or needed extra help with
  • Work on a specific project that is outside of the class curriculum
  • Work on a community service project
  • Teach other students tools that you have mastered
  • Practice on a specific process or tool

School Calendar